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Electro Forged Steel Gratings

We manufacture a wide range of Steel Gratings such as Plain, Serrated, Heavy Duty Steel Grating, Gully Grating and Light Duty Steel Grating, Cut-out Gratings for different open steel floor requirements.

Manufacturing Process:

In this process, square twisted cross bars are welded or electro forged to the rectangular shaped bearing bars by a process that combines heavy hydraulic pressure with a heavy electric current. Pre-straightened bearing bars are cut and fed in whilst the cross bars are fed directly from coils. Two crossbars are shot into the welder and placed under the electrodes by pulling hooks for simultaneous welding.

Type of Gratings

What to specify while ordering gratings:

 Standard panel/ Cut of size
 Serrated/ Plain
 Mesh size

 Direction of Bearing Bar /Length Of  Grating

   Self Colour /Galvanised/Painted/
 Sand  Blasted

Heavy Duty Grating / Gully Grating :

Cut-to-Size Gratings :

Certain applications demands cut-to-size gratings with irregular forms. For such applications we manufacture customized circular and sector type gratings as per your floor plans with the help of CNC controlled machines.

We also offer design and engineering services to meet complex design.

The Art of making circular gratings :

Electro forged Steel Gratings Grating Clips Stair Treads Perforated Type Cable Trays Materials Handling Systems Handrails System



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