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Perforated Type Cable trays

Indiana designs and manufactures Perforated Type Cable Trays for various industries. The perforated cable trays are made available in different sizes with a variety of materials and finishes.  

The perforated cable trays are fabricated / manufactured in mild steel,  stainless steel, aluminium, FRP, GRP and also can be provided in pre-galvanized steel, hot dip galvanized, enamel painted (delete spaces here) or powder coated  

We can manufacture perforated cable trays of up to 6000mm / 20 Feet In length. The accessories including bends (horizontal, vertical, inside and outside), reducers, crosses, tees, clamps, connecting pieces, slotted angles for support of the tray are all also available   

Standard cable trays can be ordered and supplied and it can also be as per the project specifications.  

We also manufacture ladder type cable trays, wire mesh type, aluminium trays, FRP cable trays, special supporting systems, cable race ways & trunking.

Generally, mild steel cable trays are used in all types of plants.

Aluminium Trays are used in Petrochemical plants, Chemical plants, Paper mills and marine environment Stainless Steel Trays are used in other corrosive environments but Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Cable Trays are recommended in corrosive environment.

We follow the metric as well as imperial system. 


Types of Perforated Cable Tray:

Light duty straight flange perforated cable trays

Medium duty straight flange perforated cable trays

Heavy duty straight flange perforated cable trays

Heavy duty inward bend & return flange cable trays

Heavy duty inward bend & return flange cable trays


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